Our Mission

To support community empowerment, lessen neighborhood tensions, and combat community deterioration through initiatives of education, creativity, and wellness development. 


Big yard Objectives


Improve literacy and access to literature in disadvantaged communities by means of direct donation, book fairs and/or any similar form of events.

Provide access to the arts and encourage creativity in young people, especially those in disadvantaged communities that may lack the access to such resources.

Promote overall physical wellness by providing and improving recreational facilities within disadvantaged communities along with planning and/or hosting fun recreational events and programs.

Formulate strategies that contribute to the empowerment of communities.


IN jamaica, it's "big yawd"


My father was born and raised in the countryside of Cousins Cove, Jamaica. The community in which he was raised is called Big Yard (pronounced Big Yawd).

The people of the community are together. Feed one another. Love one another. Watch over one another’s youth. Do jobs for one another. Provide resources for one another. The saying “it takes a village…” is not a saying at Big Yard. It is a way of life.

- Brennan



We'd love your support!

We accept books and monetary donations. If you are able to donate, thank you. Your monetary contribution is tax deductible.

To donate books, send us an email at bigyardfoundation@gmail.com and tell us about the condition, content and age level of your books.