Rules of the game

Welcome to the Big Yard Dodgeball Tournament! Below are the details for how the games go down.

The tournament is a 4-game guarantee. Teams compete in pool play first to determine seeds for the single elimination tournament.  

Team Requirements

  • Minimum of 6 players required, maximum of 8

  • Minimum of 4 players required to start the game

Game Rules

  1. Play is 6 on 6

  2. No substitutions will be allowed once a game has started, except for injuries. There is a 30-second stall count between each game for substitutions. No substitutions will be allowed after the 30 second count.

  3. Players may substitute between games.

  4. Fifteen (15) minute time limit. The team with the most wins in the 15 minutes will be deemed the winner. If teams are tied, there will be a sudden death game to determine match winner.

  5. Game time is forfeit time, if your team is not there at your scheduled time you will forfeit.

  6. Team will switch ends of the court between every game.


Brush up on your skills and get creative with your team swag! Awards will be given to the 1st place team and best dressed team.

2019 Prizes

  • Nike Gift Cards

  • Levi’s Gear

  • Gift bags